Monday, 27 December 2010

Farm attacks over Christmas

Marie Weilbach

79 year old retired dairy-farm owner Marie Weilbach died in hospital on Christmas eve as the result of brain damage caused by a vicious attack on her by two farm workers, the day before, at her farm south of Johannesburg, following what the press are somewhat bizarrely describing as a "wage dispute". An explanation for black violence against whites, which gained popularity with the media earlier this year following the equally violent murder of Eugene Terreblanche.

Eon Viljoen shot the attackers

Ms. Weilbach's assailants Mhlushwa Khoza and Mbongiseni Hornsby were subsequently shot dead by her grandson Eon Viljoen when they attempted to ambush him with a shotgun and lead piping.

We await to see how the racist ANC government will react to a white man using lethal force to defend himself and his family from black aggression.

Afrikaner language news report

Further commentary on this case can be read at South Africa Sucks

KwaZulu Natal killing

In a separate incident, I have been advised that a South African smallholder, Janine Meintjies, died on Christmas day following a hammer attack at her home in Dundee KwaZulu-Natal on Christmas Eve. I am unable to find news reports giving the circumstances of Ms Meintjies' death, or her age, other than that she was the mother of two small children.

Therefore, I have not yet included her as one of the victims of the on-going genocide pending receipt of further information. If anyone is able to provide additional details of this and other South African farm murders please forward them to me at


  1. Meanwhile, two young families were left without fathers when close friends, Neville Meintjies (38) and Darryl Oellermann (30), were killed when Neville's 'Ninja' motor cycle crashed going up Mpati at around 8:40pm on Saturday.The two had been at the 60th birthday party of Neville's father-in-law, Hughie Mordaunt, at the Desperados' Club on Karellandman Street when Neville and Darryl went for 'a quick ride on the bike'.
    Police on the scene said it appeared as if Neville had possibly swerved to avoid something on the road - perhaps a small animal.The motor cycle went off the road and smashed into a stormwater culvert.The bike burst into flames on impact with the ground with both Neville and his passenger, Darryl, flung off. Both died instantly.
    Passers-by who alerted the police first thought a car had caught on fire. It was only when police and paramedics arrived that they realised it was a motor cycle crash.
    Family and friends still gathered at the Desperados' Club - of which Neville was a pioneer - were devastated when news of the tragedy broke.Neville's wife, Janine was still at the Club while Darryl’s wife, Chantal, had left for home a little earlier to take home their young daughter.Neville worked with his parents-in-law and wife at NEDS on Karellandman Street. He was described as a friendly, 'down-to-earth', genuine hard-working person with many friends. He is survived by Janine and two young children.

  2. Thanks Hugh

    How very sad that there were two tragedies in the same family just three years apart.