Thursday, 15 April 2010

Retired Fire Brigade Chief killed on Small Holding

As reported on Ne Ultra and on Censorbugbear Reports, but, unsurprisingly not in the English language press, on Tuesday this week, retired Fire brigade chief Gert Pretorius was murdered on is small holding in Holgatfontein, where he had farmed for the last twelve years following a long firefighting career. Gert Pretorius was allegedly killed by one of his farm workers who had earlier assaulted his wife.

Mrs Anel Pretorius had been tending to the week-old child of one of her farm workers when the child's father entered with a gun and threatened her demanding the keys to the safe. The man then beat Mrs. Pretorius and tied her up.

After rifling the safe, the man made his way to the pig pens where Gert Pretorius was feeding his livestock and shot the elderly man at point blank range.

The worker, together with his wife and child fled in the Prtorius's truck.

Hat Tip: Johann

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