Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Unspoken Genocide Continues

Only two days ago, on Friday, I reported the last South African farm killing, the victim of which is now named as Alberto Costa, and now I must update my figures and name another.

The latest victim was Mr. Helgard Muller of Frankfort in the Free State, who turned 66 during the week. He died in an ambulance on the way to hospital.

The incident took place on the farm Mara, about 15 km outside Frankfort. Mrs. Marietjie Muller and a domestic worker were alone when two men in their early twenties, armed with a gun entered the house and asked for money. Mrs. Muller, who is confined to a wheelchair, told the men she didn't have the key to the safe and her husband was not there. The men tied them up with shoelaces and rope and left them in different rooms.

An hour later Mr. Muller returned and was overpowered and shot in his head. The men made off with his truck which was later found on a gravel road nearby Frankfort. Mrs. Muller and the domestic worker were able to free themselves with a knife, and, although not hurt, were treated for shock.

News Report

I am told that there are additional reports stating that arrests have been made, and the weapon which killed Mr. Muller has been recovered, however, I am unable to find that story.

In a separate news report, South Africa's News 24 state that there has been a farm attack every day since President Jacob Zuma made his State of the Nation address in which he claimed that certain categories of crime were falling.
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