Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Pensioner shot in face - bleeds for six hours before rescue

Mr Willie van Zyl (58) A pensioner, was shot in the face by 4 men around 01:30 in his room on a smallholding near the Baviaanspoort jail, north east of Pretoria. He bled for 6 hours before found by his cousin.

He could not contact anybody for help because his cellphone was take by the attackers. It is uncertain if anything else was taken.

News report

From Dina

Brandon Huntley to Appeal Canadian Asylum Ruling

By Jinine Botha, Beeld

Johannesburg - The Canadian legal team of the white South African who was granted and then lost asylum status in Canada, is preparing to appeal the withdrawal of his right to remain in that country.

Brandon Huntley, 32, caused a stir in Canada and South Africa in 2009 when he claimed his fear of crime against whites made him a candidate for asylum, and a government board agreed.

Huntley, who grew up in Cape Town, claimed he had been attacked seven times by black robbers and called a “white dog” and a “settler”.

A panel of the Canadian immigration board found that his fear was justified and granted him asylum in August 2009.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney appealed to the country’s federal court for a review of the decision by William Davis of the immigration and refugee board.


Advocate Russell Kaplan, one of Huntley’s lawyers, alleged that Kenney would never have appealed the decision if not for “pressure, driven by allegations of racism” by the South African government.

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Monday, 27 December 2010

Farm attacks over Christmas

Marie Weilbach

79 year old retired dairy-farm owner Marie Weilbach died in hospital on Christmas eve as the result of brain damage caused by a vicious attack on her by two farm workers, the day before, at her farm south of Johannesburg, following what the press are somewhat bizarrely describing as a "wage dispute". An explanation for black violence against whites, which gained popularity with the media earlier this year following the equally violent murder of Eugene Terreblanche.

Eon Viljoen shot the attackers

Ms. Weilbach's assailants Mhlushwa Khoza and Mbongiseni Hornsby were subsequently shot dead by her grandson Eon Viljoen when they attempted to ambush him with a shotgun and lead piping.

We await to see how the racist ANC government will react to a white man using lethal force to defend himself and his family from black aggression.

Afrikaner language news report

Further commentary on this case can be read at South Africa Sucks

KwaZulu Natal killing

In a separate incident, I have been advised that a South African smallholder, Janine Meintjies, died on Christmas day following a hammer attack at her home in Dundee KwaZulu-Natal on Christmas Eve. I am unable to find news reports giving the circumstances of Ms Meintjies' death, or her age, other than that she was the mother of two small children.

Therefore, I have not yet included her as one of the victims of the on-going genocide pending receipt of further information. If anyone is able to provide additional details of this and other South African farm murders please forward them to me at

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Farmer strangled, wife beaten and robbed

A badly beaten Mrs. Schoeman in Hospital

An elderly South African farmer, 86 year old Tolstoy Schoeman was beaten and strangled to death by intruders at his farm near Badplass in Mpumalanga, shortly after midnight on Thursday .

The killers who were armed with a panga and a knife then severely beat Mr. Schoeman's 65 year old wife Güdryn before driving her to an ATM about 5 km outside of town where they forced her to withdraw cash. The killers then rolled the car and fled.

The amount of blood at the scene showed that the victim put up quite a fight before he was overpowered, tied up and strangled with his track suit pants.

Tolstoy Schoeman had farmed in the area for 46 years and had helped in building up the local town. His traumatised widow remains in hospital.

News report

Mr. Schoeman's death brings the total number of South African farmers and their families murdered since the end of Apartheid to at least 3,132, although some believe the number is as high as 3,700. Although the actual figures are covered up by the South African police and a controlled international media, it is widely estimated that the total number of South African whites murdered since 1994 is in excess of 35,000.

Thanks to Mulder and Heather for this information

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Six held after farm family murder

Six people have been arrested and are being questioned over the brutal murder of a Lindley family.

Attie Potgieter, his wife Wilma and their three year old daughter Willemien were found murdered on their farm on Thursday morning. The South African farmer, in his 40s, had been attacked with a panga (machete), while his wife and infant daughter were shot.

Three of the suspects were arrested on the farm, while other three were picked up in the town of Lindley, Makhele said.

Most of the suspects are in their early twenties.

The commercial farming body, Free State Agriculture has condemned the killings with Free State Agriculture chief executive, Henk Vermeulen calling it senseless murder.

Lindley is a small town situated on the banks of the Vals River in the eastern Free State which was established by an American Presbyterian missionary named Daniel Lindley, who was the first ordained minister to the Voortrekkers in Natal.

The settlement of Lindley was laid out in 1875 on the farm Brandhoek and was proclaimed a town in 1878.

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Saturday, 30 October 2010

Free State Farm Murder

Another South African farmer was murdered on Tuesday night on his farm near Warden in the Free State, between Johannesburg and Durban. 43 year old Christiaan van Wyngaard, owner of the Good Hope farm had been repeatedly stabbed with a sharp object.

According to police, farm workers found the body of the victim on Wednesday morning. The police also confirmed nothing was stolen and that Mr. Van Wyngaard's wallet and cell phone and other valuables were untouched. Nobody has been arrested for the murder.

Mr, Van Wyngaard's wife Marie (55) survived the incident but had to be treated for shock.

News report

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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Another Tanzanian Albino medicine killing

The dismembered body of a young albino boy has been found in a river on the Burundi-Tanzania border, reports say.

The boy, aged nine, was taken from Makamba province in Burundi by a gang that crossed the border, the head of Burundi's albino association said.

Kassim Kazungu told AFP the remains had been recovered from the Malagarazi river and given a formal burial.

Albino body parts are prized in parts of Africa, with witch-doctors claiming they have special powers.

In Tanzania, the body parts of people living with albinism are used by witch-doctors for potions which they tell clients will help make them rich or healthy.

Dozens of albinos have been killed, and the killings have spread to neighbouring Burundi.

BBC Report

Monday, 18 October 2010

Elderly couple die in in gruesome double farm Murder

Elizabeth and Jan Smit

From the News24 report dated October 15th: The small coastal town of Stilbaai in the Southern Cape has been rocked by the gruesome murders of an elderly couple (Since named as Jan and Elizabeth Smit, pictured above).

The bodies of the couple, both in their sixties, were found by police on their smallholding near Jongensfontein on Thursday.

A friend went to the smallholding at about 09:00 after she became concerned when she was unable to get hold of them, said Southern Cape police spokesperson Captain Malcolm Pojie.

"She saw the couple lying in the house and called the police. The woman was tied up and was presumably stabbed with a garden fork.

'Extremely gruesome murder'

"The man had several wounds to his body. It was an extremely gruesome murder and the house was a mess," added Pojie.

The couple were presumably murdered sometime between Tuesday and Thursday. Although their names are known to reporters, police said their identities would be revealed once their next-of-kin had been informed of their deaths.

Forensic officials were on Thursday night still searching the scene for clues, to determine how the murderer(s) had gained access to the house. Robbery was presumably the motive.

Reporters learned that the couple used to own a coffee shop in Stilbaai and had moved to the area from Lydenburg in Mpumalanga a number of years ago.

Dominee Willie Gouws of the NG congregation in Stilbaai said he had known the man and woman well. "They weren't registered members of the NG Church but they were very religious people."

Another Stilbaai resident, Philip Claasen, said the people of the town were shocked by the murder.

Retirement town

"It is totally unheard-of in Stilbaai. And totally unacceptable. They will have to look into these types of incidents.

"Keep in mind that 60% of the residents of Stilbaai are older than 60. It is a retirement town and the residents here are very exposed.

"There has definitely been an increase in crime recently. There are several elderly residents who live on smallholdings here," said Claassen.

He described the deceased as good, friendly people.

Pojie said post-mortems would soon be held on the couple.

By late on Thursday, no one had yet been arrested in connection with the murders.

News report
Censor Bugbear report on Farm Murders

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Crime in South Africa an Update

I am sorry this blog has not been updated recently, this is due to circumstances in my private life which have limited the amount of time I have been able to spend on the computer.

However, I would like to share just a small number of the news stories from South Africa which readers have sent me over the last six weeks:

Retired mechanic killed on smallholding

Mr. John Staples (79) was killed at a Roodepoort smallholding outside Bronkhorstspruit, at the end of September. Mr. Sarel van der Walt, Staples's son in law, said the exact circumstances of the murder is still unknown. "It seems they are one of the doors broken open and my late father in his bed, overwhelmed," Van der Walt said.

News report

Farmers forced to catch attackers

Farmers in Limpopo have condemned the police's slow response to a farm attack that took place near Marken on Sunday.

Instead, it was the farmers who ended up catching the suspects.

A farmer and his wife, both 66 years old, were attacked by three men who threatened them with a knife.

The farmer was tied up in an outside toilet while his wife was raped by all three attackers.

Spokesperson for the Transvaal Agricultural Union's northern branch (TAU-SA North), Dries Joubert, said "as usual" farmers were first on the scene after the farmer managed to untie himself and call for help.

"The landline of the Villa Nora police precinct has been out of order and the police gave us a cellphone number to report crime," said Joubert.

The cellphone number was not answered on Sunday, however.

News report

NZ Rugby coach stabbed

Former New Zealand rugby coach John Mitchell has been stabbed in a break-in at his home in Johannesburg.

Mitchell, who joined South African provincial side Lions as head coach in July, was attacked on October 9th. Mitchell had been stabbed in the thigh and upper arm after two burglars broke into the house he shared with fellow New Zealand-born coach Wayne Taylor in the wealthy Hyde Park suburb.

The former 46-year-old All Blacks player was taken to hospital in nearby Sandton, where he received stitches to the two wounds.

News report

State witness in corruption trial attacked on farm

A Jack Russell terrier probably saved the lives of a Wesselsbron farmer and his wife when it started barking wildly in the garden, alerting them to the presence of intruders.

Carel Marais, 59, a farmer and businessman, says the incident on his farm was no ordinary robbery or farm attack.

He says the four armed men were there to kill him to prevent him from testifying in a controversial corruption trial.

One of the defendants in the case is the brother of a Free State Provincial Executive Council member.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the four men - who each had R1 000 on them when they were arrested - were paid to kill me."

News report

SA Police Killed 860 in the last year

Altogether 860 people died at the hands of South African police or in their custody last year. According to the latest figurs, 294 suspects died in custody and a further 566 people were killed by police.

Of those, 46% died during the course of arrest and many others while a crime was under way. A further seven people were allegedly "tortured" to death.
Admittedly, the total killed are 6% down on last year


Farmer's wife shoots attacker in the neck

In another farm attack on the farm Stormpan in the Freestate,a farmer's wife shot an attacker in the neck around 3am. Mrs Cecilia Steynberg (51) were home alone at the time because her husband had to go to Kroonstad. Fortunately she was woken up by her small dogs and heard the attacker. She took the gun from the safe and when the intruder rushed at her, she managed to shoot him in the neck at a range of around one meter.

News report

Father of two pretends he is dead after he is shot four times

The following attack took place in Koster which is a small town in a rural farming area however, it is not clear from the report whether this would constitute a farm attack

Mr. Coenie Pitout (35), Father of 2 little girls was shot 4 times by 3 intruders who broke into the family's home. Mr. Pitout's wife woke him up when she heard noises. Wrongly assuming his wife had heard the children he did not take any weapon with him. On entering the kitchen he was shot in the left cheek at close range by one of three intruders who confronted him. He put up a fight and was stabbed and shot a second time. The report then states that he managed to free his one daughter from one of the attackers so both girls could get to their Mother in the bedroom which has somewhat sinister implications. The mother then broke a window and fled to the neighbours.

The intruders then shot Pitout for a third time, this time in the shoulder whereupon he fell down pretending to be dying, in the hope that they would stop attacking him, but an attacker approached him, stepped on his face and shot him again, in the chest.

According to the police he attackers did not demanded money or any valuables.

Miraculously the victim survived the attack but as of he news report dated 28 September he remained in a serious condition in hospital

News Report

Six Year old found next to father's body

A 6year old girl from Vereeniging stayed with her father's corpse for 10 hours after he was killed by attackers who broke into their home in the three rivers area.

Mr. Christo Mouton (54), an accountant, who was working for Child Welfare for Vereeniging was shot in the heart.

The attackers fled with the TV and PC's only.

The girl was found next to her father's body by the house keeper the next morning.

News story

Additional recommended reading:

10,000 + SA Cops in Prison

Willem Ratte’s Declarations from Jail - Scroll down for English version

Are Afrikaner Whites Not South Africans?

Thanks to Dina, Jenny, Birdman, Molder

Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Bees Roux case

Blue Bulls player Bees Roux

Apart from the ongoing public Sector strikes a major news story in South Africa at the moment involves white Blue Bulls Rugby player, Bees Roux, who has been arrested and charged with murdering a Black traffic policeman

To quote from South Africa Sucks

'Every day Whites are killed by blacks in South Africa. Thousands a year. Many do not even make the daily newspaper, but let it just be the other way around, or let a white just successfully defend himself against assault by blacks, then all hell breaks loose in South Africa.

In South Africa the law is on the side of the criminal. When a black breaks into the house of a white person and even attempts to stab the owner, the owner is not allowed to simply defend himself with a firearm.'

News reports

Roux's mother threatened by victim's brother

Pretoria - A credit card belonging to Blue Bulls prop Bees Roux, who has been charged with the murder of a Tshwane metro policeman, was used at a fast food restaurant shortly after the incident.

This is what Roux's legal representative, Rudi Krause, alleged in the Pretoria Magistrate's Court on Monday, where Roux applied for bail after the death on Friday of Sergeant Ntshimane Johannes Mohale, 38.

Krause said Roux's credit card was used at a McDonald's restaurant on Friday morning at 02:31 - between 30 minutes and an hour after Mohale was assaulted.

Roux appeared calm but slightly nervous in court.

About 50 metro police officials, including senior officials as well as Dikeledi Lehobye, mayoral committee member for community safety, were in the court.

Mohale's brother, Richard Taukobong, 48, called out to Roux "You fucking dog!" as he was led to the dock.

When Roux was led out for a short recess minutes later, Taukobong yelled: "I'm going to get your mother, you fucking dog!"

Metro police officials repeatedly had to hold Taukobong back. After the lunch hour, armed members of the police's tactical response unit entered the courtroom to maintain order.

Roux said in his statement to the court, which was read by Krause, that he is not a flight risk and that he has thus far done everything in his power to help the police with their investigation.

"I don't want to live like a fugitive."

The defence said Roux will plead not guilty and asked that bail be set at R5 000. They indicated that Roux earns R850 000 per year.

The State asked that it be set at R20 000. Chief Magistrate Desmond Nair, however, set bail at R100 000.

This was paid and Roux was released on Monday.

Report Continues

Bees "Was being blackmailed"

Bees Roux may have become the victim of blackmail at the hands of metro police officers, after he spent a drunken evening at an infamous strip-club in Pretoria.

Roux had been at the club, Flamingo’s in Church Street, until the early hours of the morning before he was flagged down by members of the Tshwane metro police.

Roux later was arrested for murder after an incident in which one of the metro policemen died.

Pieter Crous, owner of Flamingo’s, said on Wednesday that officers of the Tshwane metro police would wait for his clients to emerge in the early hours and then drive them to ATM machines.

“The clients must then draw money and give it to the metro police officers or face being arrested for driving while drunk,” explained Crous. He confirmed that Roux and a friend were at his club on Friday morning.

Full report

Police call on ancestors to haunt Bees Roux

Ancestors will be called on to haunt the alleged murderer of Johannes Mtshumane Mogale, executive director of policing Ndumiso Jaca said at the memorial service in Pretoria on Thursday.

Addressing a packed gathering of family members and fellow metro police officers, Jaca said Blue Bulls rugby player - Bees Roux - arrested for Mogale's murder - "would not rest".

"Let's call on the fallen members of the department to go and man the road blocks and ensure Bees doesn't rest."

Roux was arrested last Friday after he had allegedly been pulled over by Mogale for drunken driving.

Shortly after, Mogale's beaten body was found by two other patrol officers.

"Let's call on our ancestors, lets ensure we hound Bees until he tells the truth," he said to angry shouts of agreement.

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Hat Tip: Dina and Birdman

Monday, 30 August 2010

Afrikaners facing starvation

Report at Censorbugbear

Couple attacked in game reserve

Durban - A woman was killed and her husband critically injured in an attack at their home on a game reserve in Cramond, KwaZulu-Natal police said on Sunday.

A police spokesperson said an unknown number of people gained access to the Croeser couple's house in Msinsi game reserve at around 02:30 on Saturday and attacked them with knives.

The gang stabbed the man Morne Croeser, 34, in the stomach before they attacked his wife, Erica, 34, and stabbed her in numerous parts of her body.

She later died from her injuries.

The news report confirms that no property was taken from the couple's home during the attack.
Hat Tip: Jenny

Patients start dying due to South Africa Strike

A psychiatric patient died on Wednesday due to a lack of medical care, bringing the death total in the Eastern Cape to five, the provincial health department said.

Eastern Cape health spokesperson said three infants and two adults had so far died from a lack of medical care caused by the public sector strike.

The most recent was an adult who died at Komani Psychiatric hospital in Queenstown, due to an untreated wound.

The hospital was among those which had not been assisted by the military.

Full report

From Dina

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Mother admits staging 'muti murder'

A mother who stabbed and strangled her five-year-old son to death before cutting off his ear and penis has told the Pretoria High Court she was "very sorry" for what she had done.

She was "down and out", and feared her son would become a well-known criminal like his father, she said.

The 26-year-old Tembisa mother, Batseba Irene Lekgeu, on Monday pleaded guilty to killing her second-born child, Andile in November, 2008.

Lekgeu explained that after killing the child, she cut off his ear and penis to make it look like a muti murder.

Full story

Hat Tip : Dina

South African Government - "Genocide claim ludicrous"

Govt spokesperson Maseko dismisses genocide claim

A claim that the government was committing genocide against Afrikaner farmers was "ludicrous", government spokesperson Themba Maseko said on Tuesday.

"We think it is ludicrous in the extreme," he said in response to a petition by an unnamed farmer to the United Nations.

"There is no wholesale attempt or process to commit genocide against Afrikaner farmers. Although we acknowledge that there is crime affecting farmers, government is dealing with all incidents of crime, not just attacks against farmers.

"It is ridiculous, totally ridiculous."

In a petition submitted to the UN, a farmer, who wants to remain anonymous, has accused the ANC-led government of committing genocide against the "Afrikaner Boer".

"The second act of genocide committed against the Afrikaner Boer nation is by the ruling ANC government in South Africa," read the preamble to the petition, which was posted on the website on Tuesday.

"No doubt that the perpetrators of the crime against humanity of apartheid, has become the victims of those people whom they oppressed during the years of apartheid. This petition acknowledges the crime of apartheid," it read.

It was submitted to the office of the UN special adviser on the prevention of genocide, assistant secretary general Francis Deng on Wednesday, according to lawyer Fanie van der Walt.

He said he was acting on behalf of the farmer, who had relocated for his own safety.

The petition asked that the UN Security Council and General Assembly "allow the study of the possibility of the ANC government using criminal gangs (including foreigners and particularly Zimbabweans and Mozambique citizens) as well as through the clandestine use of the South African National Intelligence Agency (NIA), the utilisation of the [Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK)] veteran soldiers and the South African Police Services, to execute these farmer murders and attacks".

The farmer also wants United States President Barack Obama to intervene.

Article continues here

UN hears of "Genocide" claim
Hat Tip: Dina

South African farm genocide - Update

Earlier this month I reported that 86 year old pensioner Jack Bergman had survived an attack at a Farm in Port Elizabeth and was recovering in hospital. Sadly Mr. Bergman has since succumbed to his injuries and has died. Report in Afrikaner here

Mr. Bergman was attacked by intruders who broke into his home whilst he slept. A 50 year old black man has been arrested.

In the same article I reported that a farmer had died in an attack at a farm in the Limpopo area, the victim of that attack has since been named as 46 year old Koos Daffeu who was shot dead by unknown killers when driving back to his farm.

No arrests have yet been made in the Daffeu killing.

The latest killings bring the number of white farmers murdered since the end of Apartheid to 3118, that is to say between three and four killings a week

Hat tip: T.M.

Whites-only fund ruling disputed

Bloemfontein - A high court ruling which made an educational fund for poor white girls available to girls from all races was disputed in the Supreme Court of Appeal on Monday.

The curators of the multi-million-rand Emma Smith Educational Fund at the University of KwaZulu-Natal brought the appeal after the high court ruled against them.

The university had sought an order that would delete the words "European", "British" and "or Dutch South African" from the trust that was established according to the will of the late KwaZulu-Natal industrialist Sir Charles George Smith, who died in 1941.

The trust holds that "European girls born of British South African or Dutch South African parents who have been resident in Durban for a period of at least three years immediately preceding the grant", could benefit from the fund.

On Monday, the university, which manages the fund, submitted the phrase "born of British South African or Dutch South African parents" had ceased to have meaning in present-day South Africa.

The words served to undermine the broader charitable purpose which Sir Charles sought to achieve, which was to help poor girls who would otherwise be unable to continue their studies.

Racial exclusion

"The purpose of the bequest was to oversee disadvantages confronting poor women in obtaining tertiary education," according to court papers submitted by the university.

The university also submitted the words "European", "British" and "or Dutch South African" should be struck from the terms governing the fund as they constitute racial discrimination.

The University of KwaZulu-Natal submitted it was no longer practical to carry out Sir Charles' charitable purpose in the way he had stipulated.

The university's lawyer D Stewart told a panel of five judges that Sir Charles could not have foreseen how South Africa would change.

"(The will) did not foresee that racial exclusion terms would be a problem. (An) embarrassment for the university."

The curators submitted to the SCA that the object of interpreting any bequest was to give effect to the testator's wishes.

"The selection of recipients is a matter of freedom of testation."

The two lawyers appointed as curators further submitted there were still enough applicants falling within the categories selected by Sir Charles for his objectives to be achieved.

If the university found it embarrassing to refuse to help non-white girls, it should ask the court to appoint other trustees.

The curators told the judges to keep in mind that if potential testators got the impression their intended benefits could be interfered with, they would shy away from leaving money for the benefit of others.

"This would clearly be against the public interest."

It was further submitted that the measuring of freedom of testation against unfair discrimination in the Bill of Rights would have serious implications for this "charitable instrument".

Judgment was reserved.


Double Standards to Get Whitey

Hat Tip Dina

Friday, 13 August 2010

More South African genocide

I am sad to report another series of attacks on white South African farmers, two of whicg were fatal so far this month bringing the total number of white farmers killed since the end of Apartheid to 3117.

Farmers wife dies following attack - body guarded by her pets

Three Jack Russell dogs belonging to Chrissie Harmzen, 70, climbed on top of her and guarded her after she was so severely assaulted on a farm outside Burgersfort in Limpopo on Friday morning that she died later that day of her injuries.

Johan Harmzen, 72, told how the dogs wouldn’t let anyone near his injured wife. “They were very attached to her.” he said. The couple has five Jack Russells.

Mrs. Harmzen was attacked and assaulted barely five steps from the back door of the house she and her husband rent on the farm, Dresden.They have been living on the farm for the past ten years.

“She was beaten so hard that her lungs burst,” said her husband. She was also repeatedly beaten in the face and hit over the head with an unknown object. Harmzen died of her injuries in the Midmed hospital in Middelburg, Mpumalanga.

The couple had been married for 50 years and three months.“We were a part of each other,” said Mr. Harmzen.

Only Mrs. Harmzen’s cellphone, the back door keys and the security company’s panic button were stolen. Nothing was taken from the house.

“It wasn’t a robbery or theft. It was just plain murder. It was a sadist who came here to murder,” Harmzen said.

Continue reading here

Man killed on Smallholding - domestic worker assaulted and raped

A 46-year-old man died after five men gained access to his smallholding outside Tzaneen and assaulted him, Limpopo police said on Wednesday.

Police said five unidentified men wearing balaclavas waited for the man at his gate on Tuesday evening and then assaulted him with pangas and iron rods.

The man died on the scene.

A domestic worker on the property was assaulted when she came to investigate.

She was dragged into the house where two of the men raped her.

The men took cellphones and household appliances, including a television and DVD player. They may have also taken two guns from the safe. Source


Pensioner Survives Farm Attack

An elderly man was assaulted on his smallholding in St Albans, Port Elizabeth police said on Sunday.

According to police, four men attacked Jack Bergman, 86, in his bed after climbing into his house through a window in the early hours of Saturday "The victim had several face injuries and stab wounds to the chest and on the arrival of the security company he was semi-conscious".

A security company found the pensioner, who lived alone, after the house alarm went off. He was taken to Livingstone hospital.

No arrests have been made.



Post Script - A tale of two Couples

Readers in the UK will be aware of the fact that the headlines here last week were full of reports about the "British" couple, Gul and Begum Wazir, who were murdered in Pakistan in what was variously described as an honour killing or a dispute over a marriage. However, to my knowlege there was significantly less mention of the British couple Christopher and Jennifer Early, who were murdered in South Africa , following what was described as a "robbery", I wonder what it could have been that made the one "British" couple so much more news worthy than the other.

thanks to Dina, Jenny and Toppie for alerting me to these news items, most of which never make it into the international news.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Retired Journalist and Wife slain at their home in KwaZulu Natal

The bodies of a former Daily Dispatch journalist and his wife were discovered in their home in Pinetown on Friday afternoon, KwaZulu-Natal police said.

They were identified as journalists Graham Lizamore, 62, and his wife Kate, in her fifties, who had both formerly worked for the Daily Dispatch and who have recently moved to KwaZulu-Natal.

A police spokesman stated that “The couple were found partially decomposed. The woman’s head was covered in a plastic bag and the man’s ankles and wrist were tied,”

The bodies were discovered by a relative, who visited the house, found the door open and the couple dead inside..

Police confirmed there were no signs of the couple having been robbed and that the motive was unknown.

New source

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Why Africa Has Gone To Hell

by James Jackson

White Zimbabweans used to tell a joke—what is the difference between a tourist and a racist? The answer—about a week.

Few seem to joke any more. Indeed, the last time anyone laughed out there was over the memorable headline “BANANA CHARGED WITH SODOMY” (relating to the Reverend Canaan Banana and his alleged proclivities). Zimbabwe was just the latest African state to squander its potential, to swap civil society for civil strife and pile high its corpses. Then the wrecking virus moves on and a fresh spasm of violence erupts elsewhere. Congo, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, even Kenya. Take your pick, for it is the essence of Africa, the recurring A-Z of horror. And as surely as Nelson Mandela took those steps from captivity to freedom, his own country will doubtless shuffle into chaos and ruin.

Mark my words. One day it will be the turn of South Africa to revert to type, its farms that lie wasted and its towns that are battle zones, its dreams and expectations that lie rotting on the veldt. That is the way of things. Africa rarely surprises, it simply continues to appall.

When interviewed on BBC Radio, the legendary South African jazz musician Hugh Masekela spoke of the 350-year struggle for freedom by blacks in South Africa. The man might play his trumpet like a dream, but he talks arrant nonsense. What he has bought into is a false narrative that rewrites history and plays upon post-colonial liberal angst. The construct is as follows: white, inglorious and bad; black, noble and good; empire, bad; independence, good; the west, bad; the African, good. Forgotten in all this is that while Europeans were settling and spreading from the Cape, the psychopathic Shaka Zulu was employing his impi to crush everyone—including the Xhosa—in his path, and the Xhosa were themselves busy slaughtering Bushmen and Hottentots. Yet it is the whites who take the rap, for it was they who won the skirmishes along the Fish and Blood Rivers and who eventually gained the prize.

What suffers is the truth, and—of course—Africa. We are so cowed by the moist-eyed mantras of the left and the oath-laden platitudes of Bono and Geldof, we are forced to accept collective responsibility for the bloody mess that is now Africa. It paralyses us while excusing the black continent and its rulers.

Whenever I hear people agitate for the freezing of Third World debt, I want to shout aloud for the freezing of those myriad overseas bank accounts held by black African leaders (President Mobutu of Zaire alone is believed to have squirreled away well over $10 billion). Whenever apartheid is held up as a blueprint for evil, I want to mention Bokassa snacking on human remains, Amin clogging a hydro-electric dam with floating corpses, the President of Equatorial Guinea crucifying victims along the roadway from his airport. Whenever slavery is dredged up, I want to remind everyone the Arabs were there before us, the native Ashanti and others were no slouches at the game, and it remains extant in places like the Ivory Coast. Whenever I hear the Aids pandemic somehow blamed on western indifference, I want to point to the African native practice of dry sex, the hobby-like prevalence of rape and the clumps of despotic black leaders who deny a link between the disease and HIV and who block the provision of antiretrovirals. And whenever Africans bleat of imperialism and colonialism, I want to campaign for the demolition of every road, college, and hospital we ever built to let them start again. It is time they governed themselves. Yet few play the victim card quite so expertly as black Africans; few are quite so gullible as the white liberal-left.

“On the eve of this millennium, Nelson Mandela and friends lit candles mapping the shape of their continent and declared the Twenty-first Century would belong to Africa. A pity that for every one Mandela there are over a hundred Robert Mugabes.”

So Britain had an empire and Britain did slavery. Boo hoo. Deal with it. Move on. Slavery ended here over two hundred years ago. More recently, there were tens of millions of innocents enslaved or killed in Europe by the twin industrialised evils of Nazism and Stalinism. My own first cousins—twin brothers aged sixteen—died down a Soviet salt mine. I need no lecture on eggplants and neck-irons. Most of us are descendents of both oppressors and oppressed; most of us get over it. Mind you, I am tempted by thoughts of compensation from Scandinavia for the wickedness of its Viking raids and its slaving-hub on the Liffe. As for the 1066 invasion of England by William the Bastard…

The white man’s burden is guilt over Africa (the black man’s is sentimentality), and we are blind for it. We have tipped hundreds of billions of aid-dollars into Africa without first ensuring proper governance. We encourage NGOs and food-parcels and have built a culture of dependency. We shy away from making criticism, tiptoe around the crassness of the African Union and flinch at every anti-western jibe. The result is a free-for-all for every syphilitic black despot and his coterie of family functionaries.

Africa casts a long and toxic shadow across our consciousness. It is patronised and allowed to underperform, so too its distant black diaspora. A black London pupil is excluded from his school, not because he is lazy, stupid or disruptive, but because that school is apparently racist; a black youth is pulled over by the police, not because black males commit over eighty percent of street crime, but because the authorities are somehow corrupted by prejudice. Thus the tale continues. Excuse is everywhere and a sense of responsibility nowhere. You will rarely find either a black national leader in Africa or a black community leader in the west prepared to put up his hands and say It is our problem, our fault. Those who look to Africa for their roots, role-models and inspiration are worshipping false gods. And like all false gods, the feet are of clay, the snouts long and designed for the trough, and the torture-cells generally well-equipped.

I once met the son of a Liberian government minister and asked if he had seen video-footage of his former president Samuel Doe being tortured to death. ‘Of course’, he replied with a smile. ‘Everyone has’. They cut off the ears of Doe and force-fed them to him. His successor, the warlord Charles Taylor, was elected in a landslide result using the campaign slogan He killed my ma, he killed my pa, but I will vote for him. Nice people. Liberia was founded and colonised by black Americans to demonstrate what slave stock could achieve. They certainly showed us. Forgive my heretical belief that had a black instead of a white tribe earlier come to dominate South Africa, its opponents would not have been banished to Robben island. They would have been butchered and buried there.

When asked about the problem of Africa, Harold Macmillan suggested building a high wall around the continent and every century or so removing a brick to check on progress. I suspect that over entire millennia, the view would prove bleak and unvarying.

On the eve of this millennium, Nelson Mandela and friends lit candles mapping the shape of their continent and declared the Twenty-first Century would belong to Africa. Whatever. Meantime, the vast natural resources have been frittered and agricultural production since independence has halved. A pity that for every one Mandela there are over a hundred Robert Mugabes.

Visiting a state in west Africa a few years ago, I wandered onto a beach and marvelled at the golden sands and at the sunlight catching on the Atlantic surf. It allowed me to forget for a moment the local news that day of soldiers seizing a schoolboy and pitching him head-first into an operating cement-machine. Almost forget. Then I spotted a group of villagers beating a stray dog to death for their sport. A metaphor of sorts for all that is wrong, another link in a word-association chain that goes something like Famine… Drought… Overpopulation… Deforestation… Conflict… Barbarism… Cruelty… Machetes… Child Soldiers… Massacres… Diamonds… Warlords…Tyranny… Corruption… Despair… Disease… Aids… Africa.

Africa remains the heart of darkness. Africa is hell.

Hat Tip: JP

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