Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Pensioner shot in face - bleeds for six hours before rescue

Mr Willie van Zyl (58) A pensioner, was shot in the face by 4 men around 01:30 in his room on a smallholding near the Baviaanspoort jail, north east of Pretoria. He bled for 6 hours before found by his cousin.

He could not contact anybody for help because his cellphone was take by the attackers. It is uncertain if anything else was taken.

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Brandon Huntley to Appeal Canadian Asylum Ruling

By Jinine Botha, Beeld

Johannesburg - The Canadian legal team of the white South African who was granted and then lost asylum status in Canada, is preparing to appeal the withdrawal of his right to remain in that country.

Brandon Huntley, 32, caused a stir in Canada and South Africa in 2009 when he claimed his fear of crime against whites made him a candidate for asylum, and a government board agreed.

Huntley, who grew up in Cape Town, claimed he had been attacked seven times by black robbers and called a “white dog” and a “settler”.

A panel of the Canadian immigration board found that his fear was justified and granted him asylum in August 2009.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney appealed to the country’s federal court for a review of the decision by William Davis of the immigration and refugee board.


Advocate Russell Kaplan, one of Huntley’s lawyers, alleged that Kenney would never have appealed the decision if not for “pressure, driven by allegations of racism” by the South African government.

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Monday, 27 December 2010

Farm attacks over Christmas

Marie Weilbach

79 year old retired dairy-farm owner Marie Weilbach died in hospital on Christmas eve as the result of brain damage caused by a vicious attack on her by two farm workers, the day before, at her farm south of Johannesburg, following what the press are somewhat bizarrely describing as a "wage dispute". An explanation for black violence against whites, which gained popularity with the media earlier this year following the equally violent murder of Eugene Terreblanche.

Eon Viljoen shot the attackers

Ms. Weilbach's assailants Mhlushwa Khoza and Mbongiseni Hornsby were subsequently shot dead by her grandson Eon Viljoen when they attempted to ambush him with a shotgun and lead piping.

We await to see how the racist ANC government will react to a white man using lethal force to defend himself and his family from black aggression.

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Further commentary on this case can be read at South Africa Sucks

KwaZulu Natal killing

In a separate incident, I have been advised that a South African smallholder, Janine Meintjies, died on Christmas day following a hammer attack at her home in Dundee KwaZulu-Natal on Christmas Eve. I am unable to find news reports giving the circumstances of Ms Meintjies' death, or her age, other than that she was the mother of two small children.

Therefore, I have not yet included her as one of the victims of the on-going genocide pending receipt of further information. If anyone is able to provide additional details of this and other South African farm murders please forward them to me at

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Farmer strangled, wife beaten and robbed

A badly beaten Mrs. Schoeman in Hospital

An elderly South African farmer, 86 year old Tolstoy Schoeman was beaten and strangled to death by intruders at his farm near Badplass in Mpumalanga, shortly after midnight on Thursday .

The killers who were armed with a panga and a knife then severely beat Mr. Schoeman's 65 year old wife Güdryn before driving her to an ATM about 5 km outside of town where they forced her to withdraw cash. The killers then rolled the car and fled.

The amount of blood at the scene showed that the victim put up quite a fight before he was overpowered, tied up and strangled with his track suit pants.

Tolstoy Schoeman had farmed in the area for 46 years and had helped in building up the local town. His traumatised widow remains in hospital.

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Mr. Schoeman's death brings the total number of South African farmers and their families murdered since the end of Apartheid to at least 3,132, although some believe the number is as high as 3,700. Although the actual figures are covered up by the South African police and a controlled international media, it is widely estimated that the total number of South African whites murdered since 1994 is in excess of 35,000.

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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Six held after farm family murder

Six people have been arrested and are being questioned over the brutal murder of a Lindley family.

Attie Potgieter, his wife Wilma and their three year old daughter Willemien were found murdered on their farm on Thursday morning. The South African farmer, in his 40s, had been attacked with a panga (machete), while his wife and infant daughter were shot.

Three of the suspects were arrested on the farm, while other three were picked up in the town of Lindley, Makhele said.

Most of the suspects are in their early twenties.

The commercial farming body, Free State Agriculture has condemned the killings with Free State Agriculture chief executive, Henk Vermeulen calling it senseless murder.

Lindley is a small town situated on the banks of the Vals River in the eastern Free State which was established by an American Presbyterian missionary named Daniel Lindley, who was the first ordained minister to the Voortrekkers in Natal.

The settlement of Lindley was laid out in 1875 on the farm Brandhoek and was proclaimed a town in 1878.

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