Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Why Africa Will Never Succeed

I expect, like me, you are aware that there has never been a prosperous black led country, but perhaps just blamed their “bad luck”, or whatever, for that uncontradictable fact.

Take Haiti as an example. Before the black slaves revolted and killed all the whites and half castes Haiti had a GNP greater than most of what is now the USA. It supplied 60% of all the sugar used in Europe.

Today it is a wasteland. Apparently if you Google Earth the place it is a sere, brown colour compared to the neighbouring Dominican Republic which is green and verdant.

Twice the USA has occupied Haiti, building roads, ports, hospitals and schools while putting in a functional society,

The moment the Americans left they reverted to dictatorship, voodoo, witchcraft, corruption and barbarism.

They did not stagnate. They regressed to the primitive savagery of their forefathers

Since the 1960s, when the Congo expelled the Belgians this has been a mirror of African regression , moving steadily southwards until the example of Zimbabwe. Once a prosperous, well educated exporter of food the population now eat rats to survive.

Will SA go the same way?

There are those optimists who say “No, we have such a strong economy, such sophisticated infrastructure, such a talent pool, that we can never sink”.

My belief is that they have not considered the root cause of Africa’s failure. A cause that is not spoken about as it is fearfully politically incorrect, and probably illegal to speak about.

To speak about it causes recollections of Hitler’s eugenics beliefs and the horrors that followed.

That cause is the deficiencies of the black ”mentality”, for want of a better word.

Are there differences between races, or is race just a meaningless social construct? Until recently I believed all races were the same under the skin variations, and that perceived differences were only the result of cultural differences. I believed in a common and equal humanity.

But things did not always ring true, observable anomalies were inexplicable if all men are the same.

Why, under apartheid, did the South African Indians prosper, become doctors, scientists, educators, merchants and professionals while the equally oppressed black Africans remained hewers of wood?

Why are Jews more than 12 times more likely to be Nobel Prize recipients than goyim? Why do they command the heights in academia, the arts, business and science?

Why can black Africans run, jump and throw better than whites, but why, out of a billion of them, have they never invented a single thing of any worth? Why have they, collectively, contributed absolutely nothing to the advancement of humanity.

Well the physical thing, the running, throwing bit is easily and uncontroversially answered. Simple, they (especially the Jamaicans) are genetically better equipped in this regard. Their muscle fibres are different and the typically have 15% more free testosterone than other peoples. That does not explain the Jewish or East Asiatic superiority in academics, science or any other meaningful sphere. Surely it cannot be genetic? That is racism.

Unfortunately, racist or not, that is proven and a fact. Google it and you will find that for over 70 years, in test after test, done by dozens of university professors and Nobel laureates plus USA government studies, Jews are the most intelligent of humans followed by East Asians. Then come westerners then, trailing by a wide margin, people of African descent.

I refer to I.Q. tests and the results of these . Jews come in at about 114 points, East Asians about 108, white Europeans 100, African Americans (with their mixed ancestry) 85 and sub Saharan Africans a lowly 70 odd.

Of course I.Q. tests have been attacked, especially by those who perform badly at them, as one might expect them to do. Detractors claim cultural bias, dysfunctional families, past oppression, poor schooling and a host of other reasons for poor black performance, but the professors defend their contention that I.Q. is largely an inherited trait, that differences are inherent, built into a person’s inherited DNA.

For every argument attacking the validity of these tests they have a host of results confirming their accuracy and typicality. Fascinating stuff if you are interested in reading up on it.

The effect of high/low I.Q. has also been studied in depth, with fairly predictable results. Low I.Q. individuals performed badly in social class, family stability, income, educational levels, illegitimate pregnancy, single parent families rate of prison incarceration, rape, violent crime etc. etc. etc.

I.Q. measurement measures different facets of intelligence and mental competence. Sadly it is in the absolutely vital sphere of cognitive ability that blacks score worst. This means they score abysmally in things like forward planning and anticipating the consequences of their actions, or inaction.

It is this I.Q. (and testosterone) disparity that is blamed for the fact that African Americans are 5 times more likely to be imprisoned than white (including Hispanic) Americans, 9 times more likely than Americans of Asiatic descent and 14 times more likely to be jailed than Jewish Americans. All in line with I.Q. distributions.

Once imprisonment for violent crimes are computed the numbers become stratospheric. These are American government collated statistics, so pretty accurate.

Our government in SA do not, for obvious reasons, publish similar stats, but a pound to a pinch of salt they are even more astounding.

So why the lecture on I.Q.?

Well for a start you must understand that our ruling party are voted into power by a largely moronic plebiscite. I choose the word moronic intentionally. If the cut off point for moronic is an I.Q. of 70, half the voting population would be classified as such.

Only one in 40 black SAns achieves the average I.Q. of his white fellow citizens. One in a hundred have the I.Q. to achieve university entrance requirements. That is why only one in ten blacks pass our dumbed down matric (with a pass percentage of 30% in many cases). Only one in 6000 black grade one learners will pass matric with both Maths and Science.

Simply put, they are bloody stupid, and they rule us. Furthermore Zuma says they will rule us until the second coming. I believe him.

This explains why the ANC have such idiots in their positions of power and influence, the likes of Zuma, Malema, Khomphela and Cele. They are, unfortunately, the best they have! Well they are the best blacks they have. All the critical positions are held by Indians, Coloureds or Whites, something I am grateful for but which annoys Malema considerably.

Will this last? I doubt it. The black/white polarisation is growing and the rhetoric is becoming more extreme. Listen to the pub or workplace chatter, read the blogs and comments sections of the newspapers and it becomes obvious. Whites are fed up at the waste, corruption and stupidity of the black elite. Blacks are demanding, as their right, the wealth of the whites by means of redistribution of assets. No matter that they have not worked for those assets, they claim them as the spoils of war.

Recently the Mayor of Pretoria, Malema, a minister and Winnie Mandela have gone on record as blaming whites for sabotaging redistribution and exploiting blacks. Malema calls out “Kill the boers for they are rapists” to thunderous applause by university students. Four influential ANC opinion makers who are echoing the groundswell of mutterings in the ghettoes. The natives are getting restless.

*CONFLICT IS COMING! Mark my words.

Things are not going to improve. They cannot, there is no reason to believe our slow slide into a failed state can be reversed with our current regime, and there is no prospect whatsoever of there being a change to governance based on meritocracy. Anyone who believes otherwise, or that the ANC can mend their ways, is living in La-La land. They do not have the intellect.

Like the proverbial frog in the slowly heating pot we have become inured to the slow collapse of our hospitals, schools, courts,water supplies, roads, civil service and service levels. They will become totally dysfunctional shortly. Inevitably so. Those in charge do not have the mental capacity or foresight to organise things.

Our economy and Rand is reliant on short term “hot” funds from overseas that can flee at the touch of a computer button, and probably will if our Rand weakens. Conversely we need a weaker Rand to encourage exports.

6 million taxpayers support 12 million recipients of social grants, and that figure is set to rise this year. The National Health Insurance scheme will happen, no matter how unaffordable. That will push our social grant costs up to four hundred billion Rand. Four hundred billion Rand which produces absolutely no product. Inflation is set to stay and worsen. The consequence of being the biggest socialist state on earth. I do not believe the ANC has the intellect to conceptualise how big a billion is, let alone 400 billion, or what effect this will have on the economy.

You do not believe Malema’s call to nationalise the mines? This man articulates what the hoi polloi are thinking, but the ANC leadership will not say yet. The tactic is to set the bar high, then lower it and the victims will sigh with relief and say it could have been worse. So perhaps it will not be total nationalisation but rather 51%, a’ la Zimbabwe. Just look north for revelation, Zuma does.

Who would have believed that this country of Jan Smuts would ever be headed by an unschooled, rape accused, adulterous, corrupt, sex obsessed bigot like Zuma. Anything is possible with the ANC.


You have few years left to enjoy what is left of the glorious SA lifestyle, especially in the Cape, but understand it is not permanent. The end could be sudden as the tipping point is reached, just as it was sudden for those Zimbabwean, Zambian, Mocambican or Angolan whites. It could, conceivably, be as bloody as the Hutu/Tutsi uprising when primitive tribal bloodlust overcomes a thin veneer of inculcated civilisation.

Enjoy it while you can, and enjoy it in the Cape where the population mix is more favourable, but be aware that change is inevitable. Your children must get a world class education, because they will not be adults in South Africa.

Get assets stashed offshore, you and your children will need them there.

This article is attributed to:

Graham Allardice
Project Manager MPED
Toyota SA Manufacturing

Written c2009 to 2010

Hat Tip: Laager


  1. how come jews are so brilliant yet they elected and continue cheering for that imbecilic negro obama who wants Israel to return to undenfensible borders? how come there are liberal jews who want to give israel to its enemies? how come most of those brilliant east asians live in slums, make cheap plastic garbage, or come to the west to open eateries?

  2. The population across Asian countries also mean competition is fierce, as simple as that.

    One question - are they successful at making cheap stuff?

    There are many liberal jews behind the World Banks - they don't care for any country, much less Israel. They're in it for the money. Again, they are quite successful at that too.

  3. Being on the TO CLEVER for my own good of the scale also has it's drawbacks, these people become destructive, as for the Asians I have always questioned that theory, somehow does not explain the shit-holes they come from

  4. I think you will find the best throwers are white men javalin discus shot reacords are held by white men As for the testosterone check the worlds strongest man competition winners they are always white men

  5. I wonder how jewish the author of this nonsense was? Jews have barely contributed anything to the world other than an underworld of crime for the entirety of their existence.

    White Europeans have been the innovators, greatest philosophers and greatest leaders of the world, they're on par with the Asians.

    Blacks are by far the most useless and have never contributed a single iota of usefulness to any society.

    Also the IQ test was designed for infant kids to determine whether or not they needed extra help.

  6. Anonymous, your name is fitting for the sheer ignorance you spew. People with no idea of a continent, save an enduring archaic notion about it, would write such ignorance. But any way, do you know that, prior to Julius Ceasar's advent in Britain, all lands beyond the Rubicon were considered as inhabited by barbarians? For your information, the computer you just typed your racist comments with was invented by a black man. The traffic light on your way to work was invented by a black man. Black Africa had several industrious civilizations, Egypt included, that gave the world geometry, architecture and engineering. So go learn something new because the world is made complete by the contributions of every color (and character)

  7. Much of the same racism discussed here is promoted on a website called

  8. To Anonymous

    I don't think there is any comparison between this site and sites like the one you mention. There is a misconception on the left that anything which doesn't meet fit in with their pom pom waving support for diversity can only be hate and racism.

  9. To Prince Mensah

    Roughly everything you said is false, the computer was not invented by a black man neither were traffic lights, those are myths rolled out each year during so called "Black History month".

    There were no advanced civilisation in Africa and the rulers of ancient Egypt were not black.

    As to Britain, it suited the Romans to portray us as Barbarians but in fact there had been an ancient civilisation here for many centuries prior to the Roman invasion.

  10. It annoys me when people compare blacks' athletic ability to, for example, Asians' academic abilities. Two completely different things. Athletes are there for entertainment, pure and simple. They are not a basic need for humans, and only people in developed countries care about it. The other is what actually builds societies. If you don't have it as a society, which blacks don't, you are dangerous.

    As less than 13% of the U.S. population, blacks are responsible for more than 50% of overall crime, including 90% of all interracial crime, and more than a quarter of black males will serve a prison sentence.(Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigations statistics).
    Blacks have shockingly high S.T.D. rates(Center for Disease Control), which is alarming when they are 2-4 times more likely to molest a child(D.O.J.,
    For 13% of the population, 21% of serial killers are black(F.B.I.). When you take into account that almost all serial killers are men, that's more like 6% of the population accounting for 21% of all serial killers.

    People will argue that black crime is due to black poverty. However, crimes like rape, vandalism, child molestation, and serial killing(generally) are not linked to poverty. People will also argue that statistics can be twisted to form any opinion. These are simple facts, not twisted in any way. Besides, can you twist statistics to say that blacks DON'T contribute disproportionally to crimeand other negative features of society? No.

    Sometimes the truth is politically incorrect, but it's the truth. People need to wake up and look at things objectively, instead of having the mindset that all racists are bitter, hateful Neo-Nazis who hate everybody who isn't like them. Although I am a proud racist, nothing I've said here is racist. It's just objective fact.

    Take a look at that link. Afterwards, join the site. Anybody humans are welcome, it's purely an anti-black site. Hispanics, Jews, Russians, all welcome.

  11. "Prince Mensah said"

    LOL nice name, besides, the 1st man on the moon was black, Leonardo da Vinci was black, Mozart was black, George Washington was black, Napoleon was black, Thor was black, Odin was black, Nero was black, Kermit the frog was black, Casper the friendly ghost was black, Snowhite was black, etc, etc, etc.

    Please keep checking facts on your monkey-dung powered computer, "Prince", ROFLMAO, and what is it with negro scum giving themselves royal titles such as "Prince" or "Jermajesty"? Too low selfsteem? Stupid assclowns.

  12. I cannot believe I actually finished reading thaat bullshit. Europeans left their continent to take what was not theirs in the 1st place so if you are not happy leaving in Africa\America simply go back. We will take care of ourselves.

  13. as for the advanced civilizations and since you like google so much, The Great Zimbabwe,Ethiopia,Angola,The Empire of Kush,The Empire of Mali to name a for the advanced civilizations and since you like google so much, The Great Zimbabwe,Ethiopia,Angola,The Empire of Kush,The Empire of Mali to name a few.

  14. Although I'm here as Anonymous I would rather be known as ExRhodesian.

    Re. Louisha & advanced civilizations and since you like google so much, The Great Zimbabwe,Ethiopia,Angola,The Empire of Kush,The Empire of Mali to name a for the advanced civilizations and since you like google so much, The Great Zimbabwe,Ethiopia,Angola,The Empire of Kush,The Empire of Mali to name a few.

    They were all tiny tribal enclaves who did nothing of any note. Compare Great Zimbabwe with the great cathedrals of Europe which were built a few hundred years earlier. The Shona in Zimbabwe are bone idle and certainly never built anything more than mud huts.

  15. I have deleted the latest message from Lily and also the one from Anonymous responding to her. Could commentators please please restrain their more extreme rhetoric.

    I have left Louisha's comments as they are so damn stupid

  16. Actually I wrote the original letter to my children which is the piece above. How it managed to reach the internet and be so widely dissemanated is a bit of a mystery. About 8 pages of hits on Google.

    Graham Allerdice, to whom the article is credited, is some poor bloke who sent it out on his firm's (Toyota S.A.) computer and was fired for it.

    Same for some chappie who sent it out from Barloworld's computer. Also fired.

    No, I am not Jewish or Asian, but credit where credit is due. Smart blokes in the main.

    The main point is that Africa is and always will be a basket case because it is run by border-line morons. Not their fault, they were born that way and are too stupid to know they are stupid. Do not hate them, pity them.

    Backwardness, poverty and barbarism is, sadly, inevitable. Learn to live with it.

  17. Whoever said asian lands are shitholes, obviously paints with a large brush.
    Like Europeans, Asians have geographical variants. Northeast asians of Japan tend to be whitest (especially the women) of alpine and mediterranean in comlexion. (In fact, its ancient asiatic invasions to central europe and mixing with both nordics and mediterraneans that created the european "alpine" variant.) The ainu in japan tend to have blondish brown hair with rounder eyes. Asian culture often mentions blue and green eyes forebears. The Japanese are the most 1st world on earth and Han Chineese are the asian version of central europe. China,just by accepting a little free enterprise, is on its way to modern 1st world superpower status. Korea is just as good a society. Same for the northern Phillipines.

    BUT! Southeast asia is really hell! Vietnam,Cambodia Thailand,Bangladesh,Indoneshia, these places are filthy 3rd world hellholes. The people are either short dark brown to black complexioned, filthy ugly,defective with abnormaly high levels of hermaphradites (Thailand,Bangkok),poverty,decease, debachery and skyrocketing birthrates.

    Why the difference between these Northern and southern asians?............Massive negro admixture, especially negritos and aborigines of indonesia and australia region.