Thursday, 1 July 2010

Farm attacks and other anti-white violence

Bloemfontein - Two men have been arrested for attacking 83 year old Tobie Loubser his farm in Koppies Free State on Friday night.

According to police the attackers demanded R40 000 from him, which he did not have and then took R800 and a pistoll before they stabbed him in the face and arms and then drove off in his car.

Stellenbosch police are searching for six knife-wielding men who tied up a farming couple and their two sons and locked them in a bathroom before fleeing with guns and valuables.

The family were watching television in their home on Cloud Nine Farm in Devonvale, outside Stellenbosch, when the six men, wearing gloves and with their faces covered, stormed in and demanded the key to the safe, said police spokeswoman Rene Matthee.

It is not clear whether the men knew that there was a safe or assumed there was one.

Using belts and ropes, the men tied the family members' hands, and locked them in a bathroom.

The gang ransacked the house, and took five firearms, cellphones, jewellery, two laptops, a Sony camera and six lenses. The items lost were worth about R850 000.

Wife found in Pool of Blood

Monica de Ville

Attackers first tried to smother the slightly-built wife of a DA councillor from Standerton with a towel, then they tried to strangle her with a hairdryer cord before stabbing her in the neck with scissors.

The blade almost hit Monica de Ville's main artery, said her husband, Advocate Rosier de Ville on Monday.

"If they had hit the artery, she would have died."

The attack happened shortly before 10:00 on Friday at the Coupe's home in Leyd Street, Johannesburg .

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