Friday, 4 June 2010

South African thugs savagely mutilate cattle

In the early hours of Sunday morning May 29, a group armed with pangas descended on a Kokstad farm intent on destruction.

The attack was notable for its savagery, leaving cows hamstrung, without tails and with deep cuts in their udders, legs, backs, ears and heads. Nine of the 37 cows that fell victim to the attack had to be put down

The attackers then set 150 bales on the farm alight.

Douglas Wolhuter, "When I arrived at the scene, it was like it only happened an hour or two after the attack. The first cattle I saw were the eight that were hamstrung. They were so badly mutilated that they had to be put down."

"In my opinion the cuts on the udders were consistent with attempts to hamstring the rest of the cattle, while slashing the face and the back was just malicious," Douglas said.


Hat Tip: The ABC of the ANC

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  1. I encourage all farmers to shoot to kill anyone inflicting such mortal and cruel acts out of malice . Take note of devious characters on your farm and surroundings , and pass it on to your neighbours . Retain vigilance at all times and never leave home without a gun irrespective of how remote you are from others .The more remote the better the chances to go unnoticed for the murderers. Vasbyt .