Monday, 25 January 2010

Two More Farm Murders

Ficksburg, Free State, South Africa

you don’t have a husband any longer.’

A Fixburg Farmers wife Dorothy Gieseke was confronted by three men when alone in her home on Saturday. The men, one armed with a gun and another with a screwdriver threatened Mrs, Gieseke telling her you don’t have a husband any longer’ and demanded cash and weapons, however, they then fled when she managed to hit a panic button.

Mrs Gieseke then went in search of her 69 year old husband who had gone out to feed animals earlier in the day. She found him lying dead Having been battered around the head and his throat cut with a sharp object.

A police search for the attackers started immediately and three men, between the age of 16 and 30, were found not far from the farm. Police are still looking for more suspects in the case.

Anton Kok, another local farmer said the death of Gieseke was a huge loss to the community. "He was an outstanding person and a great gentleman in the community." He said Gieseke farmed with lavender, extracted oils, cultivated berries which customers could come and harvest themselves on the farm and cattle.

It was reported that an electric fence at the farm had been cut a week earlier and had not been repaired when the attack took place.

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Farmer killed wife injured

Meanwhile Mpumalanga police are investigating the murder of a rose farmer who was shot dead by intruders who broke into his home in the early hours of Friday morning. His wife was injured in the same attack.

According to police the couple's son heard gunshots in the house at about 1.30am on Friday and his parents screaming. When he went to their bedroom to investigate he discovered his father had been shot in the head and was dead while his mother was shot and wounded in the arm

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UPDATE: Further details at the Afrikaner Genocide Archives - Warning Graphic Images

Reports from Dina

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