Wednesday, 3 February 2010

From the Afrikaans press

The Afrikaans media reports various stories which do not yet appear to have featured in the English language press, even in South Africa. Reports include a Father of 2 being shot in his new house shortly after moving in, a 8 year old boy having to witness his cousin being kicked to death on a fishing trip.

Elsewhere it reports an attack on an elderly man and his two sisters.

Three black men, Edwin Molefe (20), Pitso Kapelo (18) en Steven Selebale (25) attacked them, gang raping the two woman (aged 62 and 68) in front of a grand child aged 4 years - and afterwards burning down the house, killing the womens brother inside.

The three were independant before this event, doing a lot of charity work in the community. The 68-year old woman had a stroke during the rape, and is now in a wheel chair and a burden to her children and the community, and the 62 year old sister severely traumatised and unable to do what she did before.



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