Monday, 8 February 2010

South African farmers blamed for increas in squatter camps

The following commentary on the Fromtheold site followed an incident when the South African minister of housing, blamed the increase in squatter camps from 300 in 1994 to 2600 today, on farmers evicting workers off their farms.

South African farmers under attack by Tokyo Sexwale

Tokyo Sexwale complained on Thursday that "boers chased black people from their farms". He said "millions of black people" to be specific. He went further to say that South Africa is having Haiti daily, every day South Africa goes through what Haiti is going through.

Now lets just look at that for a moment. When South Africa was given away in 1994 it was a working country, there was no lack of anything in fact we were a 1st world country.

When the ANC took control they promised everyone houses, they promised jobs and did the entire Obama thing of making promises but not actually doing them.

Now 16 years later South Africa is in chaos. A working water system is now almost not functioning, Eskom is a disaster and Telkom that once was the best internet in Africa rips the country off like no other telecommunications in the world.

Tokyo Sexwale blamed the boers and farmers while he admits that the ANC is responsible (although he's not ANC, he's blaming the wrong people). He said that in 1994 there was around 300 informal settlements and then he continued to say that now there are almost 2600. That says a lot.

Tokyou Sexwale went further, he said that when the government said they will give security of homes to the farm workers that the farmers and boers chased off millions of people from their farms.

Tokyo Sexwale not only encouraged by this more farm murders and hatred towards white farmers but also furthered the genocide in South Africa.


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