Sunday, 28 February 2010

Three more elderly South African whites murdered in Pretoria

Translated by Dina:

Mr and Mrs Jozua (70) and Esmé Booysen (54) were attacked outside their house on Friday on mine property in Mokopane ingewag and stoned to death.

The gardener of Mr Jerzy (George) Kamieński (60), an engineer originally from Poland, found his bloody body the day before yesterday, around 07:00 on Kamieński where he lay in the corridor of his house in Eldoraigne. Kamieński’s hands were tied with cable ties and he had stab wounds.

This follows 6 elderly residents already killed this year in Pretoria.

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  1. the nom of this man is Kamieński, not Kanienski - I'm Your cousin from Poland - Ewa Busse-Turczyńska

  2. Thank you very much, I have updated the spelling